Vacancy: Deep Sea Pilot / Offshore VTS Operator

At Redwise – DCP we are continuously looking for new Deep Sea Pilots and Offshore VTS Operators. To apply, you either are already licensed as a Deep Sea Pilot or VTS Operator, or willing to obtain a license through our in-house training program. Apply now via our contact form below or by sending us your resume via Welcome on board!


Vacancy Description

As Deep Sea Pilot you will be the specialist in the nautical field in the North Sea, English Channel, Irish Sea and Skagerrak. You advise the master and the bridge team with regard to the safe navigation of the vessel through one of the busiest seas in the world and communicate with the local VTS and pilot stations.


Besides being a Deep Sea Pilot you can also be trained to become an Offshore VTS Operator. An Offshore VTS Operator ensures optimal and efficient handling of shipping traffic around a particular ship or platform in the offshore industry. You observe active traffic by Radar  AIS, VHF and other modern navigation equipment and closely works with guard-vessels. You recognise potential situations that may endanger the safety of the project and / or shipping, and you take action to mitigate risk.


We require

You are either a licensed Deep Sea Pilot or are willing to be trained to become one through our in-house training program (for more information about obtaining the license and the training program, click here). In order to be admitted to the training program you must be in possession of the certificate “Master of All Ships”, a bachelor degree and a certificate of conformity. Besides you have a minimum of 4 year experience as a captain. You are able to build a good relationship in a relatively short time with the bridge team.


If you need further information or do you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and call +31 (0)33- 421 78 60. Please send your resume to for the attention of Martijn van der Vliet.


We hope to welcome you on board!


For more information about Redwise, take a look at the Redwise website:

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